Morning Ritual

Morning routines are crucial for me to dictate how the rest of my day will play out.  If I start the day feeling good and relaxed, pretty sure the day will be my bitch.  Most days I wake up with a hazy scattered head(ache) from too many vodka sodas.  These products are vital to get me back to center and get me out the door.  Even though I am dehydrated, that doesn't mean I can't keep my skin hydrated.

  1. S'well-  These water bottles make a great fashion statement, and when I am going out, I put alcohol in mine. Everyone thinks I am being so healthy drinking water when in actuality I am getting really shit-faced!
  2. IT: Alexa Chung-  I love books and magazines.  For me its the quickest most effective inspiration tool for me!
  3. Diptyque: Fue De Bois-  I love all their scents but this one really speaks to me!
  4. Glossier Masks-  I am literally obsessed with this company.  The "Boy Brow" is my favorite product ever, and these masks are right up there on the list.  They are so hydrating and fresh, I use at least 2 times a week!
  5. Dr. Jart+: Ceramidin-  This line is genius and this product saved my skin.  This liquid serum plumps, and seals dry skin making your skin flawless and hydrated!  Magic in a bottle.
  6. Aesop: B and Tea Balancing Toner- Some people feel impartial to toners; I am obsessed with them.  I think it replenishes my skin and really helps the moisturizer set in. 
  7. Crystals-  I try to keep my energy clean and strong, and having these guys around help aid in that.