Sektual Destruction

...Not to be mistaken for Snoop Dogg's song "Sexual Seduction."  I got my nickname, Sektual, back-in-the-day when my life consisted of dieting, exercising, photo shoots and castings.  I was proud of my body, so any chance to show it off- I was down.  When I found a V-neck deep enough to see my belly button, then I bought it in every color.  The shorts were short, and the t-shirts were sheer.  My biggest concern was winter; when I would inevitably have to cover up.  Oh how the times have changed...Nowadays, I feel best covered up.  If it were socially acceptable to wear a snowsuit everyday (and look like the Michelin man) ....I would be a very happy boy.  Somehow the nickname stuck, and Sektual still tries to push the boundaries, except now with just a little more fabric.      

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone....Hence the (subtle) Red/White/Blue outfit...   please refrain from wearing those atrocious Old Navy T-shirts w/ the flag on them! 

Sunglasses Dior // Jacket Vintage Levi // Patches Ebay // Tshirt Feathers // Shorts H&M // Shoes Nike Oreo Flynit