Half-Drunk Is A Waste Of Calories

And honestly a waste of money.  Maybe it's my addictive personality, but I either give 110 percent or 0...and nowhere in between.  I don't understand the whole "drinking a glass of wine at dinner" thing.  You are just drinking extra calories.  With the amount of food you are eating, you are sure as shit not gonna get a buzz.  Also, am I the only one that thinks wine tastes awful?!  If you are drinking as an indulgence, why not drink something that actually tastes amazing, like a Cherry Icee...or an un-diet soda?  Don't get me wrong, drinking is fun...in excess.  I like drinking to the point where I think I am Beyonce's back up dancer, and telling strangers my life story.  Totally normal.  But keep being a cookie cutter of society and have your cliche glass of pino with your side salad, basic.  As for me, for dinner I am eating cake frosting with a spoon, and sipping on a vodka ...and living on a prayer.

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