Stay Humble & Dry

You always hear that people in LA are dense.  I would know because I am one of those "people" saying it.  Have you noticed that when people in Los Angeles aren't talking about themselves, they are complaining.  Usually it's about the traffic.  ...That is until it rains.  

My Instagram is flooded (no pun intended) with people whining about the weather.  Am I missing something or is it simply water falling from the sky... Chill out, it's not like it's gluten!

What do we have to complain about?  I have lived and traveled enough to know how spoiled we are to live here!  We don't have a winter, the scenery is beautiful, oh and we aren't a third world country.  The only geographical undesirable thing about this city is the shitty fucking people living here.  

It's not shocking that the population is trash, it's a city full of transplants who thought they were "too good" for their hometowns, and moved here.  A community of people trying to make it on the silver screen with a silver spoon shoved up their ass.  Well they can sit and spin on it... I would love to bring these privileged cretins to a blizzard in NYC, or a winter in Minnesota and let natural selection take it's course. That’s an Instagram story I would enjoy watching.

I am not complaining, while the rest of LA is at home crying over the rain, and the traffic caused by the rain...I am out enjoying my city, douchebag free! I hope the Rams lose tomorrow so at-least these inarticulate idiots will have something else to complain come next week when the rain quits. 🖕🏽