I may be a little late to this (blogging) party, but I am not one to leave a party early.  For me, dressing day-to-night means a Mimosas (in binge) at 11am for Sunday Funday, and stumbling to find my shoes, wallet, and keys when I am coming home at 3am Monday morning.

So you may be wondering what with the name?  I was blessed at the age of 15 to have long legs, a fast metabolism, and a face that was easily photoshopped; to enter the world of modeling.  I guess you could say the smoke and mirrors aligned.  I basically got away with murder, and wore little to no clothes in the process…needless to say the nickname “Sexual” was soon taken on…  An oversensitive Instagram account later... it was modestly modified to "@SEKTUAL."

As my nickname foreshadows, I am a bit controversial.  I started this because I was fucking tired of getting a men’s “fashion” magazine just to see page after page how to pick out a suit.  A collared shirt, a tie, a jacket?  Christ it’s not rocket science!  (Personally I would rather stab myself in the eye with a fork than wear a suit, but that's another issue.)  The real dilemma is what to wear when you aren’t at the office?  No wonder we see so many clueless broncos roaming the streets looking like Helen Keller dressed them!  They need my help, and (probably) so do you!!!  The only tie you will see here, is around my neck hanging from the rafters when I don’t wanna get out of bed Monday morning for work.  Take an Advil and Pedialyte for that hangover [I know you have]....and enjoy! 


Brett --"Sektual"