She wants the "D"

...and when my friend wants doughnuts, I get her doughnuts.  My biggest struggle is getting myself going in the morning.  I hit the "snooze" about 47 times, I look through every social media feed, and at any means possible procrastinating that moment I am forced to step out of my bed;  -Which is part of the problem, my bed is heaven.  It's so comfortable, it is borderline emotional!  Anytime before noon you will most likely find me in sweats at home, or in gym clothes.  While in NY, it is downright offensive to swear sweatpants in public... still opting for an effortless/comfy morning look (as it was too early and I was extremely too hungover to think...) I left my sweatpants in LA and chose these vintage Yohji Yamamoto trousers.  As a general rule of thumb, when wearing sweatpants I always try to amp them up a little bit.  Wearing a jacket or a cool shoe helps create the illusion you know what you are doing ...and haven't completely given up on life [yet].

Sunglasses Dior // Jacket BLK DNM // Sweatshirt American Apparel // Tshirt Kelly Cole // Bag Rick Owens // Pants Yohji Yamamoto // Shoes Golden Goose