Communication Is Complicated

Someone just left me a voicemail and I can’t help but feel attacked!  Nowadays there are very few occasions when calling me is acceptable…Being in jail and I am your one phone call -Actually no, still don’t call me…I don’t have the money to bail you out, and if it’s an unknown number, I 100% screen my calls and won’t answer.  So I guess there are NO instances where it is acceptable to call me.  I find it very aggressive…What is so urgent that you need to disturb my busy life to tell me something instead of a simple text like everyone else in North America.  I will give a dummy-down demonstration of the communication breakdown and my physical reaction.  (For the record if this is a potential love interest this scale goes straight to the trash... you can call, text, face-time, page, message, or even better send one of those helicopter sky messages!

For all you other Felicia's ...Take Notes...
Snail Mail- 😍
E-mail- 😀
Messenger- 😐
Text- 😕
Phone Call- 😤
Voicemail-  😡