No Ho Bo

The homeless people in LA live a better quality life than me.  They already look better than me... with their perfect tans, model skinny bodies, and their perfect sun-kissed highlighted hair.  They are so privileged.  How else could you live on the beach without spending millions of dollars for that kind of view?  I was leaving a nice dinner, and not finishing my meal, I got the rest to-go.  Long story short, I don't eat leftovers (bacteria in the fridge is a real issue, and if you think otherwise there are tests that prove ice cubes house more bacteria than public toilet water.  Fact.)  However I also don't want to appear wasteful... and just throw out my overpriced meal...  As I was walking, a homeless man asked me for money, I said, "Sorry, but here is some food if you'd like."  He grabbed it and threw it on the ground, and mumbled under his breath, "I asked for money asshole."  I should have known he was a bitch, his jeans were newer than mine.  Half the time I look homeless ...I love anything with holes or that looks a bit distressed.  However, to get this hobo look, it costed more than my rent, so I'll probably be on the streets in no time.

Jacket Rag & Bone // Sweatshirt and Jeans Diesel // Top Feathers // Shoes Golden Goose