Survival Guide

My lifestyle choices are rough on my body, these are my MUST-HAVE weekend necessities to keep the party going without looking a hot-ass-mess while doing so!

  1. Dr. Jart+: Everything from this line gives me life and it is so rea$onable!
  2. Glossier "Boy Brow": If your eyebrows are as out of control as mine--you NEED this.  My favorite product right now!
  3. Acne Studios Sunglasses:  I love the aviator shape, and the flat lenses edge up the classic look.
  4. Moroccan Oil "Body Souffle": Nobody likes scaly skin, just sayin'... and the scent is great
  5. Rohto Eyedrops: We aren't asking any questions, but this can turn those bloodshot eyes bright white in 4 seconds!
  6. The POREfessional: My pores are the size of silver dollars, and this turns them into little dimes...magic!
  7. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver: My go to fragrance.
  8. Vodka, Advil, Gum: If I need to explain to you why you need these,  you may need more help than what I can provide!
  9. Cara Delevingne Coloring Book:  Sometimes you just wanna fucking color, and what a better canvas than my girl, Cara?!