Blame The Kids

I don't know much about this (DARE) program.  While kids at my school were taking classes on what not to do in the real world, I was in New York by myself, modeling, making a life for myself in the real world.  I don't think that drugs and alcohol are the problem; I think the kids are the problem.  For example: When someone tries on clothes in a store, and they say (something-along-the-lines-of) "It didn't look good, it was a bad fit"  ..maybe it's actually not the clothes that are the problem at all, maybe it's your body?  Nobody wants to be accountable for their actions so they place blame elsewhere.  Your child isn't a drug addict because of what he's smoking, he's a drug addict because he's a piece of shit.  As for the fatty over there, nothing looks good on you because you eat your feelings.  The moral of the story is cake will never love you back, and neither will I.

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