99¢ Problems

Oh the irony...a shiny happy-face balloon amongst the jungle-hell that is the 99cent store.  I am "that person" who can justify spending a grand on a pair of shoes, but spending seven dollars on a toothbrush is absolutely ridiculous.  I am also a firm believer that WIFI should be a basic human right (everywhere) and bottled water should be free.  Water is literally nothing, I will pay $22 dollars for a double-vodka soda...but $3.49 for Evian...NOPE!  I mean it's 2016,  Why do I have to pay for a bag just to carry my groceries?  Healthcare?  They should pay me to have to go to the dentist!!  ....  and don't even get me started on McDonald charging extra for condiments!!  It all seems pretty civilian to me.  For now, I'll spend my money at Saint Laurent where I don't have to pay for a shopping bag to carry my new shoes... and I will buy my toothbrush at the 99cent store and the money I save I will pay for my condiments, bitch.

**Side Note: The pictures poor color quality is due to the 99cent store's sub-par neon lighting**