Pretty in Pink

Just like Andie (Molly Ringwald) I feel my best when I wear pink too.  My story doesn't end quite as favorable as hers though...Andie, Duckie, and Blane all end up "happily-ever-after" at the end of the movie [Pretty In Pink.]  The last time I wore my pink Saint Laurent shoes, I woke up to a black and blue toe.  These boots are not made for walking and they destroyed my fucking feet.  Alas much like "Pretty In Pink"Andie and Blane's love had to break social cliques, as for my shoes, I just had to break-them-in.  They are no Ugg boot (don't lie-- you know they are the most comfortable shoes, no matter how tacky) but I can wear them long enough to get some pictures in front of this obnoxious, infamous, over-saturated, sceney, Paul Smith pink wall

Sunglasses Acne Studios //  Tshirt Kelly Cole // Jacket Levis // Jeans Levis //  Shoes Saint Laurent