Good Mourning!

I like my outfits how I like my coffee: tall, dark, and too hot for you.  My closet resembles that of a black hole.  I have about 50 pair of black jeans; to the naked eye would appear to be identical...but for me I have different cuts of black-black to graphite, iron, pewter, slate, ebony, crow, charcoal, ink, raven, onyx, sable, coal, and everything in between....and don't get me started on the array of plain black t-shirts!  From an outsider one might think I have father issues with my Hot Topic-goth-like dark fashion style.  For the record I am not goth.  The closest death-fixation surrounding me, are the people dying from how sickeningly-amazing this Chapter jumpsuit is!  I think it's chic as hell (no pun intended).

Hat Brixton // Sunglasses RayBan // Jumpsuit Chapter // Shoes Saint Laurent