My Body Is A Temple.

I think it's so funny how people always say, "treat your body like a temple"  ...I consider mine more of an amusement park...or circus (some might say).  I am that dumb bitch who will get a Quesadilla, a Mexican Pizza, Quesalupa, Quesarito, Cinnabon Delights...and a large Diet Coke (This order excerpt is from my favorite, Taco Bell.)  I am single-handedly inhaling enough calories for a family of 5, but instead of a regular Coke, I opt for a calorie-free beverage.  How healthy of me, right?  Nevertheless, those days are long gone... as some asshole tagged me in a picture where I look like Shamu.  I am cutting calories and would rather cut my wrists.  I am eating vegetables with a side of bitch.  When I eat healthy it's great for my body, and horrible for the people around me...I am awful.  With all the money I saved boycotting the 'Bell, I got these new Saint Laurent sneakers.  I feel like a bad-ass instead of a fat-ass.