Drunk In Love

[Beyonce voice]  "I've been drinkin' watermelon."  I can honestly say I've never been drunk in love, I typically just get drunk.  But honestly what does drinking "Watermelon" even entail?  Maybe I am getting old; or I'm just as basic as Kelly and Michelle to even know the newest lingo.  Someone said I was "Lit" at dinner last night...my first instinct was to check to make sure I didn't start myself on fire with the table candle.  Everyone is "Fleeking" this, or "Snatching" that and I am just trying to figured out how one becomes a "Fuck Boy."    When people say my face is "Beat" I simply reply "I don't believe in violence."  Every time I leave a bar and say "Goodbye"...  people says "Bye Felicia" and I'm like, "Who's Felicia?"  and they be like "Exactly bitch, bye!"  Weird, I must have a doppleganger out there!!  Beyonce isn't one to lead me a stray, but I think I'll stick to drinkin' my vodka soda and wearing watermelons...(instead of drinking them.)

Terms brought to you by urbandictionary.com

Hat New Era // Sunglasses Acne Studios // Shirt and Shorts Globe // Shoes Converse