I am so excited to be out of L.A.  I get drained easily and it's time to get out and breath some fresh air that isn't full of smog (smoke) and mirrors.  It's natural to get caught up in the bright lights and big feels so good to be home in the backwoods of Minnesota and feel grounded again.  As I lay in my old room, I can't help but think back of the many times I was "grounded" (after getting in trouble) in this room, as a kid.  Now the idea of being confined to a room with cable, internet, and all the electronics in the me sounds more like a dream!  While I am home, I am looking forward to sleeping in, going out on the lake, and playing Legos and Hot Wheels with my nephews.  I am really excited to take my new camera out in attempts to get all three of my nephews to sit still long enough to get a picture for my mom's Christmas card!  At ages 4, 7, and 10 we may need a Christmas miracle....but here's to hoping. 

While on vacation comfort is key.  An oversized cut off, baggy pants, and chucks are my go to.  In Minnesota I can honestly say nobody cares what I wear...and I couldn't be happier for that! 

Hat Brixton // Sunglasses TopMan // Tank Oak NYC // Pants Zara // Shoes Chuck Taylor