Blac Chyna

Apparently myself, and Rob Kardashian have more in common than just our insatiable hunger...our love of Black.  In my case it's CHARCOAL.  His being (Blac) CHYNA.  The wonders of charcoal have literally changed my life!  I learned that taking activated charcoal after a night of heavy drinking, had me awaking up like a Disney princess (with birds and other animals dressing me, while I sing melodies in an angelic voice) i.e. NO HANGOVER.  After spending a small fortune on Juice Served Here's Charcoal Lemonade...I learned taking activated charcoal pills worked better on my head (and wallet).  Then, I found this Origins Charcoal Mask and I was instantly sold...It literally made my pores disappear before my very eyes!  ...And if you have ever smelled this Diptyque Fues De Bois candle you will get the charcoal reference.  The Celine sunglasses are new, and just serve as decoration.