Peter Pan

Happy Birthday to my baby,, who is 1 year old today!  This is the first birthday I have been excited about in years!  I too have a birthday that is looming, and I am not quite as excited about that date.  My biggest fear in life is aging.  As I add another candle to the cake, cue the anxiety and depression.  I put a lot of pressure on myself.  I always think I should be further ahead in life each March 1 that passes by.  This year has been the most productive year to date (majority to the success of it can always be better!  The blog has been good to me, but time isn't as forgiving.  My skin is showing some major wear and tear.  I constantly find more fine lines and wrinkles, and my metabolism has already given up on life...I am single (still) and beginning to think I should just surrender and start my collection of cats.  Thankfully, I have a good collection of shoes.  Some days, that's the only reason [I have] to get out of bed in the morning. 

A special thank you to @thebambimonroe, @itjesswilliams, @tomkivell, my family, and everyone else I have made take my picture for the blog... I know it's social suicide being seen in public taking pictures of me "fake crossing the street"....but without you, this wouldn't exist! ♥️

Also thank YOU!!  -The readers, "like"-ers, followers, have made it possible for me to do this and celebrate this milestone!