The Comedown Will Be Hell-ish

It's been nearly a week since Coachella; and I still feel like Lamar Odom - Vegas addition... minus the prostitutes and blow.  There is something about an open bar that does me dirty.  I always feel the need to get my money's worth of [free] booze.  I also have an irrational fear that the alcohol will run-out ...making me thirsty!  The result of this, leaves me with a massive headache and unknown bruises all-over my body!  The whole weekend was a recipe for disaster: Lots of alcohol, little food/water, 100 degree heat, no sleep, and lots and lots of dancing!  Gaga was great, Lorde was amazing, Neon Carnival was fun...but the real standout star of the weekend was my liver!  Well played!  Can't wait for next year!