It's A Match!

Since I am single, it's obligatory to be on Tinder/Bumble.  Without these dating sites downloaded, you are open to social single-shaming.  Apparently it says:  If I'm not desperate enough to succumb to a dating site...I'm telling the world that I have given up on love and have started turning my house into a cat farm.  I deleted the apps for awhile and the topic of conversation always turns to:

"How are you single?  You are handsome, smart and funny" 
-Maybe I'm over-qualified.
"Well, are you on Tinder?"
If I'm not...Is that the end-all / be-all for me?  On my tombstone it'll say "DIED ALONE"  because he was too busy Face-tuning than Tinder-ing. 

I have to believe The Notebook would've turned out completely different if that were the case... Allie and Noah were too busy slutting-it-up on Tinder dates... so they couldn't die together.  Aww.  How romantic.  Tear.
Needless to say, I have these apps downloaded... Simply for the state-of-mind that I am putting myself "out there".  My profile might be a little off-putting... My headline: "Is there a circus in town?!"  When I get drunk, I'll sometimes click on these apps for a good laugh.  The only matches I have are by accident.  There are so many crazies out there; I screenshot to send to my friends (with "this is why I am single) and it always accidentally swipes right!  "It's a match!"  Of course it is... in your dreams and my nightmares!

I think I'll stick to what I know...  This Vince matching shirt and shorts combo... It's always a perfect match! ;)

Hat Brixton // Shirt & Shorts Vince // Shoes Golden Goose