Damn /dam/  verb ; condemn, especially by the public expression of disapproval.

Here is my personal damn(ed) list:

  1. Men who wear running tights as pants.  -Nobody wants to see that.  Side Note: To the guy at my gym who jumps rope in front of everyone in the cardio area in his tights... There is a special place in hell for you, buddy.  Put some pants on!
  2. Sugar-Free candy.  -I think I am doing my body good by indulging in a sugarless snack, but what they don't tell you is an hour later, that fake sugar causes explosive diarrhea.  Not the special treat I was looking for.
  3. Ground Shipping.  -It's 2017.  Everything can and should be overnight-ed.  I spend sleepless nights waiting for my impulse purchases to arrive in the mail that could be easily avoided with expedited shipping.
  4.  DJ Khalid.  -Why does this damn idiot feel the need to ruin every song by screaming "DJJJJJ KHHHALLLLID" when nobody cares who you are.  The only thing I know about you is that you are loud and annoying and that you look like The Fat Jewish... without the comedy.
  5. Calling.  -If you are calling me, I automatically think there is some sort of an emergency.  If Will Smith circa 1996 Independence Day can't save the world from an apocalypse, your call probably won't save me either... so text, Facebook or DM.  Thanks in advance.
  6. This blonde hair trend (male) -I have one word.  "TONER!"  You Felecia's are walking around like Ronald Fucking McDonald.  Tone your hair!  Also some advice, box dying your hair never looks good... For an example of what not to do, look in a mirror.
  7. Haters. -Hating on other people because you are unhappy with yourself is very 2013.  Find your niche' and be the best you, that you can be...no matter how ugly you are!