Hoes have feelings too.  Maybe these hoes are spreading their legs to spread love.  Just like Felicia has the best legs in the game; with all the walking away she is doing.  Who are we to judge.  Maybe we should hear what Felicia has to say!  The older I get, the more I realize that everyone has their own issues.  Random uninformed people judging us while we deal with our struggles are the real assholes.  These cyber bullies talking the most shit, are the ones incapable to dealing with their own problems...and for me that's a problem!  Deflecting personal anger onto others is the most archaic immature behavior; that I have zero tolerance for.  I am simply trying to live my life.  I don't need commentary from peanut gallery.  Why can't we all just be THOT-ful Felicias?! 

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