The Vodka Diet

The Vodka Diet:  Lose 3 days in 1 week!  For those of you who know me, know this...for those who don't... get a pen and paper, this is important.  This saved me from what would have inevitably been the "Freshman 15" and most likely saved my life [obesity is the number one killer.]  We all love to drink, and what gets us to that special place faster is shots.  A typical shot consists of alcohol (my favorite, vodka) and a chaser.  You chase to get the horrendous taste of alcohol out of your mouth (these usually consist of some thick concentrate they call "juice" or soda).  Both options have excessive calories, carbs, etc.  You know what isn't filled with calories and carbs?  Gum. all know the feeling of putting in a fresh piece of gum, it overwhelms your mouth with the gum flavor.  Do you see where I am going with this?  Take a shot of vodka, chase it with gum, there will be no aftertaste of the alcohol!  You will be left with fresh breathe, and ready for the party!  You and your waistline will thank me later! 
**Image below illustrates some of my favorite chasing-combos, and don't forget your camera.  Texting and Photos while drinking is dangerous, but encouraged**