It's You; Not Me

You are bored when you're alone, 

and complain when you work.

You get too drunk when you drink, 

you don't know how to twerk.

You don't meet new people,

and get in fights with your friends.

You never have money,

can't afford to lease a Benz.

You stress out about your skin, 

and paranoid bout gettin' old.

You have the mouth of a sailor,

fuck dat shit you been told.

You hate being underestimated, 

and dislike people who are rude.

You say cunt all the time, 

it's borderline along crude.

You are decked in Saint Laurent, 

always dressed to the best-est.

You take care of yourself, 

but your apartment looks = asbestos.

You get told all the time "you so cute"

and "how the hell are you alone?"

You leave those Felicia's in the dust, 

only remnant smell of Santal cologne.

You are sweet to everyone,

and have the kindest of hearts.

You have common sense which is rare, 

and have both book and street smarts.

You say "you" instead of "I", 

because "you" is a form of deflexion.

Looking outward instead of inwards, 

helps deal with the depression.

Hat and Pants Rag & Bone // Jacket Vintage // T-shirt Born A Bad Seed // Shoes ADIDAS