I Do, Do You?

I've heard of writers block before, but I thought it was because people ran out of things say.  For me,  I am having quite the opposite problem.  I am having writers' block because I have so much to say, I don't know where to even begin...  

DO I: be a bitch and inquire as to what they are feeding the kids on Vanderpump Rules?  The last 2 episodes the cast of alcoholics are looking extra beefy.  Is it me or is Brittany starting to resemble more and more the shape of a bowling ball?  -Except a bowling ball gets used by less white-trash-losers.  But honestly I fear by season 7, the cast will be plagued with many more struggles, diabetes.

DO I: be informative and talk about my new miracle fountain of youth ...in pill form?  I am just concerned... Let me explain... I am well aware that my haters are my most captive audience and I wouldn't want them looking fresh-faced and gorgeous, so maybe I'll veto that and keep it my little secret.

DO I: be basic and talk more about my magical trip to New York, knowing full well nobody cares.  Reading about someone else's vacation is the same as looking at pictures of your friend's ugly baby, and being forced to say saying "Aww cute".  My trip... "Aww Fun!"

DO I: be relatable and say how much I love The Voice and think Kelly Clarkson is so amazing... although in doing so, having my midwest-roots be fully transparent... Nevermind, I just re-read that and it made me cringe and just how basic AF I have become!


DO I: be real and talk about how I think the United Airlines Flight Attendent should get the death penalty (for making the passenger put their puppy in the overhead bin with no food, water, or oxygen).  Actually, lets just put that fuck-tard attendent on a flight ...in the overhead bin...  Let natural selection take it's place.  I don't have to boycott, because I never fly United.  I like to arrive to my desination on time with my baggage, and after many flights, they can't quite seem to figure out how to accomplish both, simultaneously. 

To sum it all up...  Eat healthy, look young, travel, don't be basic, and quit being stupid!

Love you, mean it! 

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