"My plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose." -Clueless

-Me on the other hand, I don't mind.  Seeing as how I have already broke my nose (in high school)...I have accepted the bump, and the deviated septum.

I love tennis.  -Or rather any activity where I can hang out with friends, get some sun, and burn some much needed calories.  I have had a lot on my mind lately, and working out has really helped clear my head.  While playing, I realized how much tennis mirrors life.  You hit the ball back and forth ...much like banter.  You keep volley-ing, until you win the point... or (in conversation) make your point!  Can you smell what I am stepping in here?  At the end of the game, the righteous person wins... because they have more points.  Maybe that's why I like sports; there is always a clear winner.  Unlike my tennis skills, my social skills are at Olympic level... unfortunately a lot of my opponents [in the social game] are trying to win a gold medal at the Special Olympics.  You can keep bragging about that plastic gold medallion all you want, but just know the real gold speaks for itself and doesn't need the pomp and pageantry!  Now shut up peasent while I stand on the podium and listen to the National Anthem play in my honor.