Emotional Terrorist

It takes a lot to really piss me off... -but these people be testin' me.  My friends and family's problems are my problems.  I take on everyones' emotional baggage and have on-set anxiety when they are stressed out... It's called clairsentience or "sympathy pains" (to dumb it down for you basic bitches).  I've been going through a lot the past couple months...  Mercury in retrograde really did a number on me this time.  It's here and now when I need my friends most.  Instead of being a friend and helping me deal with my major issues, they are being so extra with their white girl problems.  I am trying to find a new career, a relationship, and the meaning of life... and they are complaining incessantly about their dry eyes and Coachella looks.  Not 👏🏼 The 👏🏼  Same 👏🏼 .  It's all fun and games 'til I don't return your calls.  When I'm done...I'm done.  -But anyways, enough about those losers, and back to me...  I wonder if life smokes after it fucks me?

Sunglasses Illesteva // Shirt SHOPsektual // Jacket Vince // Jeans Rag & Bone // Shoes Yeezy

*Side Note: I am a bit shocked... as I was looking up the proper punctuation for the plural of "everyone" and found out there is no such thing as a plural of "everyone". If you see above I wrote "everyones" and that's wrong... But I don't like following the rules*