Mercury Is In Retrograde

...And I couldn't be more annoyed.  Everything and everyone is annoying the shit out of me.  Today I nearly attempted a hate crime because at my local beloved Starbucks, some "Spring Break" trash decided their party of 6 should congregate around the serving island while waiting for their Frappuchinos.  First of all, I don't know how you do it in Indiana, but stand out of the way of a communal destination like a normal fucking person.  -Obviously, people need to get to their straws, sugar, and milk... Move!!  Also, not to be a bitch, but do you really think you need those extra 1,500 calories in a Venti?  I'm not saying your fat, but I feel really sorry for those buttons on your jeans... pressed to the max.  The airport is that way, the gym is that way, get the "F" out of my way!