Q + A

I've received a bunch of e-mails and DM's the past couple of months, and I am horrible at correspondence...  It's something I am working on.  -So being an accountable adult, I am gonna answer some of your questions.  Here we go!!

What is your deal with refrigerators and left-overs?

-As a child, I remember watching a daytime talk show and they discussed germs and bacteria.  They went on to test the water in an ice cube tray [from a freezer]-and compared it to toilet water from a public restroom.  The findings indicated that the water in a public toilet had less germs and bacteria than the water in the ice tray.  For me, that was when germaphobia-gate happened for me!  Side note:  You eat food in your refrigerators, yet why do so many people's fridges smell like shit?  There are open cans of pet food, meat, vegtables, and the only thing separating the lingering particles [and smell] in that bacteria hub is a little piece of Saran-Wrap?!  Nasty!  Also your Brita water filter you are drinking out of is absorbing all those pathogens.  Yuck!

What is with this doll?

Bologne is a product of alcohol and a strong paternal instinct.  On a Sunday Funday after bottomless mimosas, my friend and I went thrift shopping and beautiful Bologne was on the ground, with a sticker price tag stuck between his beautiful blue eyes...  It was love at first sight, and destiny!  You can follow Bologne on IG here!

Where do you shop?

At the end of the day, I am lazy.  I love online shopping.  Grailed.com is a big one for me and I love MrPorter.com and of course Barneys.com. When I have time to go shopping I love Wasteland in Los Angeles, and love any vintage store.  

Where does your inspiration come from?

I am like That's So Raven... a vision just comes to me.  The vibe, location, styling comes pretty instinctively for me, and the writing I draw on my shit-show of a life and the blogs pretty much write themselves. 

How do you have so many clothes?  Do you buy and return?

Having worked in retail for years, I am very against "borrowing" (buying and returning) from retailers.  I have collected vintage t-shirts since I was a kid.  I have found that investing in classic pieces withstand the test of time that I can constantly re-wear, instead of trendy pieces that are more disposable.

Are your eyelashes real?


[I too drink a lot] What is your skincare regimen for clear skin?

-Facetune and Care/Of Vitamins.  The rest is pretty basic.  Cleanse, tone, moisturize, eye cream.  CBD balm is the best eye cream, like its ability to numb any ache or pain, it has the same effect around your eyes; immobilizing crows feet, therefor preventing wrinkles.  If it's legal where you live, get on board, thank me later. 

You are funny, but seem like a bitch.

-Thanks internet troll ... Although that isn't a question, I appreciate your continued support.

Who is your inspiration?


It seems like you are always drinking, what's your hangover cure?

-I don't always drink, but when I do, I blackout.  LOL jk.  My cure for a bad hangover is charcoal pills, my bed, a candle, and a sampling of vodka [for hair of the dog]... -and Netflix...See below.