Creeped OOTD

I think style is a great form of self expression... Unfortunately, I am not a designer, so I have to rely on other people [making the clothes]  to create pieces I feel some sort of attachment to.  I've been extremely busy lately and have been confined to online shopping.  I have an event coming up and I need to look presentable, where a vintage Harley t-shirt just won't cut it;  So I was forced to brush shoulders with the commoners and hit the brick and mortars ... What a tragic experience!  

Upon the initial shock of my onset social anxiety, I set off on my mission to get in-and-out as quick as possible.  My undertaking  got a lot more difficult when I looked around and noticed everything in all the stores have so much fucking embellishments.  Stripes and prints and jewels and gemstones...bells and whistles.  I felt like I was shopping at The Rainforest Cafe.  The scary thing was that people were buying it.  If that is how the public wants to express themselves, I feel like there are some deeper seeded psychological evaluations that need to be addressed.  May I suggest to the masses that less is more.  -Guys, unless that is in terms of t-shirts... there is never an excuse to wear a crop top.  

I left empty handed and personally victimized.  Next time I go to the Beverly Center I am walking in with a "safe word", 50 Shades of Grey style.  I think it will be "TRASH".  I went home, poured a drink, and ordered exactly what I was looking for on in 10 minutes.  It will arrive at my door the next day, without feeling assaulted!  Stay safe, shop online.