I'm back

When is METROsektual going to make a comeback? Bitch, don't call It a comeback, I never left. I did however need a break. Due to unforeseen circumstances my focus was forced to care for my little princess, Sophie. My pride and joy decided she was going to Evil Kenievel from the top of the couch and in the process broke her leg. $5.500 dollars and a lot of sleepless nights later... Sophie and I are on the mend.

Sophie was on crate-rest for 3 weeks. As you can imagine, her not being able to be my little shadow resulted in a lot of crying...all day, and all night. It's wild what no sleep does to your well-being. I naturally have a pretty sour disposition, but when I don't get a full night sleep, I am intolerable. My regular day-to-day schedule is very stressful, so this onset physical and emotional stress was downright debilitating. -Vodka couldn't even help! With that being said, Sophie is walking again and is sleeping through the night (and thanks to strong meds, has been relatively calm).

Through this process I have been jotting down a list of grievances, there is a lot of tea I am ready to spill... Hope you are ready... As Kristin Cavallari would say, "The bitch is back".