The only thing getting 'LIT' this weekend are my fall scented candles.  Fall is my favorite season!  It means it's finally cooling off, so I can finally wear my jackets that sit in storage 9 months of the year.  It also means Halloween is right around the corner.  I am very passionate about Halloween, and take it very seriously.   You can see people's true colors by their choice of costume.  I get personally offended when discussing costume ideas with basic Felicias.  I talk about how I have been thinking of ideas for months; and all the planning and details in order to pull off my elaborate costumes...and these bitches say they are going to be a "a cat...a sexy cat."  They talk with same enthusiasm about getting their ears and theirs whiskers, "oh and there is gonna be a tail."  This shit pisses me off.  I am going to be creative, inventive and awesome...and you are gonna look like a (fat) 3 dollar hooker with rabies...and a tail.  Not the same, Felicia.  Not the same.

Sunglasses RayBan // Blazer H&M // Tshirt Feathers // Jeans Levis // Boots Fiorentini + Baker