ORANGE you glad I told you?

Having had many questionable spray tans in my day, the color orange has always been a sensitive subject for me.  ...That was, until I looked around and noticed that the color seemed to be surrounding me; and saving my life (and skin).  Let me divulge my secrets. 

  1. L-Theanine Stress Formula- My life is often hectic and chaotic, and these pills help keep me sane.  Much less of a "dead-in-the-eyes" effect than a Xanex.
  2. Loreal Sublime Bronze- Unlike the orange color of the container, this self tanner will make you look fresh off the boat from a tropical vacation (in the most natural of ways).
  3. The OC- I would be lying if this show didn't inspire me to venture out west back in the day.  Now days, it's great to relax and re-watch!  So cheesey, so good!
  4. Origins GinZing Eye Cream- I am obsessed.  It's light weight, brightens your eyes, decreases puffiness, and fights fine lines and wrinkles.  What more could you ask for?
  5. B-12- A true life-saver.  The benefits are endless!
  6. Murad- I use the entire line and it has dramatically changed my skin.  The specific "Environmental Shield" products helps get rid of dark spots, brightens skin, and helps protects from the everyday effects of sun and pollution the face endures.
  7. Trident Tropical Twist- Everyone who knows me, knows the love I have for this flavor.  It keeps my breath fresh and it tastes pretty fuckin good!  I also use it as a chaser for my vodka shots!
  8. Trader Joe's Honey Mango Cream Shave- I may catch a little flack from this, but I don't really love Trader Joe's.  I think of it as a "swap meet" of grocery stores.  I feel a bit dirty going in there, and they never really have anything I need.  I mean sometimes you just want Heinz ketchup, not some organic tomato-shit-paste.  With that being said, this shave cream is incredible!  It truly leaves my skin feeling so I was marinating in butter all night!  -Which is always a good look!