I have a new favorite word.  Years of working with the pedestrian public, I get asked the most ridiculous questions.  I'd love to reply to all these crazy inquiries with a giant "Fuck You!" but I simply [slightly] roll my eyes and say "SHURE."  This has since carried over to my personal life... Basically anytime you want to say "No" but that makes you look like an reply with "SHURRRRE."  Let me paint you a little picture...Like when your cheap friend (who always rounds down and doesn't include tax and tip at dinner...) asks you to buy them a drink -and they will do next round, you look him/her up and down (like they are the scum of the earth) slightly roll your eyes, and say "SHURRRRE."  It's so passive aggressive, but you know damn well this "friend" will disappear before the next round occurs (just to get out of paying).  You have to throw some shade, for me it's kind of my community service, buying drinks for Felicia's that can't afford it themselves, but you still need to let them know you are onto their games.  

Here are some examples when "SHURRRRE" is perfectly acceptable:

       "Do you want to pick me up from LAX?  -"Shurrrre"  (Ummm Lyft/Uber pick up from the airports now, why are you wasting my time getting your cheap ass)

       "Do you think my baby is cute?"  -"Shurrrre"  (I'm not really sure what that gremlin-thing is, but if that's infact your child, I am truly sorry.)

       "Do you want to attend my charity event?"  -"Shurrrre"  (You want me to come and donate money for a charity....I'm the charity!  You should be giving money to me!)