I'll prefix by stating that I love my apartment.  It was actually a Craigslist find... which is the best thing I found on Craigslist...besides all the "Missed Connections" (of course).  But now I am getting off topic.  --Back to my apartment--  It's on the cutest, quietest neighborhood in West Hollywood.  The perfect size to hoard my clothes, and it is rent controlled.  I have spent years perfectly curating every minuscule detail to make it look and feel like a modern, hippy, Aztec, oasis.  Think Ace Hotel-esque.  So what's the problem you might ask...  Well, right around the corner from my apt. lies an Acting School.  The sidewalk is flooded with these "actors" who, to me, look like the rejects from gym class.  I constantly have to excuse myself through the pedestrian population because unlike all of them, I have to go to work.  I don't see any of them working anytime soon...that is unless they are going to remake The Goonies.  In that case I think I found the entire cast.  Much like these pink Saint Laurent boots, it's hard for me not to stand out in a crowd.       

Sunglasses Gentle Monster // Shirt LAG Vintage // Jeans and Jacket Levis // Shoes Saint Laurent