I Care About Eye Care

I want to express the importance of eye care.  I didn't care about eye care ...until now!  Let me explain.  I am very irresponsible when it comes to money.  I would much rather buy a new pair of shoes than get health insurance, and would rather spend my money on alcohol than buying new contacts lenses.  Let me prefix by saying I am legally blind without my contacts/glasses.  Seeing (No Pun Intended) as I wouldn't be caught dead in public with my glasses, when my 3 month disposable contacts have been in my eyes for about 6 months...everything got a bit blurry...Literally.  

I was heading out to celebrate my friends which obviously included mas cocktails...I was waiting for my Lyft when I see what looks like a cat.  Naturally I get down to the ground to try and pet him and say "Herrrre Kitty, Kitty, Kitty."  As the blurry object begins to get closer, about 10 feet away... The vision gets slightly more clear...The cute little kitty was a fucking racoon!  My rusty contacts did me dirty and I have never ran so fast in my entire life!  Like olympic gold metal status.  I went home, threw out my contacts and ordered online immediately!  I can see clearly now the fog is gone!

Hat Brixton // Sweater Anine Bing // Shirt H&M // Pants Zara // Boots Isabel Marant