When In Doubt...Just Black Out.

I say some crazy things... Luckily, my friends at @overheardla help me remember some of my infamous quotes. 

"Whenever I'm drunk and I meet someone I put their number in my phone with an emoji.  So all week I'm texting with 🐲, 🐙, and 🎩.  No idea what their names are."

Much like my alcohol induced stage of black out, I like to dress in the same color pallet... all black everything.  My black Yeezys and BLK DNM leather jacket are my favorite go-tos.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.  Watch out for those razor blades in those Snicker Bars kiddos!

Sunglasses Gentle Monster // Jacket BLK DNM // Hoodie Oak NYC // Tank H&M // Jeans Rag & Bone // Shoes Yeezy Boost