Army Pants & Flip Flops

Just because Cady Heron wore army pants and flip-flops (Mean Girls) doesn't mean it's acceptable for you.  I am very concerned about an epidemic happening in the greater Los Angeles area... Basic white girls wearing workout clothes.  It's the most bizarre thing I have encountered...  These woman are out in public with fresh blow-outs, a face caked with makeup, and wearing workout pants.  I would be willing to bet my life that 90% of these woman have never stepped foot in a gym in their life ...and their only form of exercise would be "walk-of-shames", and jumping to conclusions.  Are you that slothful to put on a pair of jeans?  I would also like to add that most of these loafers shouldn't be wearing spandex in the first place.  -Those Pumpkin Spice Lattes aren't going to burn themselves.  It takes very little effort to appear [to be] put together.  Jeans, t-shirt, and a moto jacket and at least you give an illusion that you haven't given up on life.