I Feel Like Pablo

I don't care what Kanye says...I don't feel like Pablo, I feel like shit.  I am sick-and-tired, of being sick and tired!  Do you know that feeling when you can pinpoint where you got sick?  Let me explain... While I was on the treadmill, there was a Linus (from Charlie Brown) looking man who got on the treadmill next to me.  The best way I can describe his scent was a mixture of B.O. with Axe Body Spray ...and gingivitis.  I have a heightened gag reflex to smells, but I only had a quarter mile left to my goal distance, so I pushed through.  I came to realize the smell was not the worst part...when suddenly Hairy-Back-Mary just starts hacking up a storm without covering his mouth!  I felt the debris of his plaque-d teeth in the air...and I could literally feel myself get sick. 

On the bright side, I feel like we can all learn from our mishaps.  We learned today that Axe Body Spray is extremely offensive and is never a good idea.  Flossing is essential.  -And if you act like a feral animal go to 24 Hour Fitness with the rest of your pack.