It's the middle of October.  I should be carving pumpkins, drinking (hot) Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and helping the pilgrams to the new land.  Instead, I am spending my annual income on my A/C electric bill, and sweating in places I never thought I could sweat.  As you know by now, I am not at my best behavior when I am hot and bothered...Let me vent...

  1. The "Doctors":  I am so tired of ignorant people saying something causes cancer.  You didn't even finish High School, you are not a scientist.  Shut your uneducated mouth.
  2. That Know-It-Alls: telling me how to workout, or what diet will work for me.  Baby girl, you shouldn't be preaching, you should be taking notes as my body is a temple and your body looks like White Castle.  I have some advice for you:  A paper bag over your head.  Thanks.
  3. The Dramatic Complainers.  ...Those people constantly stirring up drama, and then constantly complaining about all of the drama.  [These people are easy to spot.  They will be heard saying "I hate drama."]  I can speak for the group by saying --"We all see what you are doing, we all think you are a snake, and we all are secretly waiting for you to screw up so we can kick you out of our squad (without us looking like the assholes)."
  4.   The Never Wrongs:  I think I hate these ones the most!  I don't know what silver spoon you grew up with, but I will fork your shit up.  I am wrong all the time.  Everyone is.  My favorite past time is making these people look like idiots.  I turn into Judge Judy with my facts and figures to prove "these types" wrong.  When I prove them wrong, which I inevitably do...They will then begin to throw (anyone they can find) under the bus, to protect their ego.  Meanwhile there is always a lot wrong with this type...starting with those awful "boat shoes."  That's always wrong.

Thanks for letting me vent, you know what doesn't have any VENT-i·la·tion, is this denim on denim outfit.  I'm sweating like a whore in church.

Hat Brixton // Shirt Woolrich // Shorts Levis // Belt Zara // Shoes Golden Goose