I really think I would be the perfect contestant for Survivor.  I mean look what I did with just a wig and a cell phone.  I would win the million dollars for sure.  With that being said, I am sure you are wondering...."Where has Sektual been?"  Did the tribe vote him out?!  I apologize for my absence.  My schedule has been so hectic.  I am trying to fight my depleting metabolism by working out my body...  The wrinkles on my face aren't correcting themselves...  And being so fun, my social calendar is stocked full...It (or rather I) have been blacked out all week!  In all honesty, I have been working on the site a lot... and have some very exciting projects on the horizon...In the meantime enjoy this video I made...*Side Note* because of strict copyright laws, I was banned from Instagram for 24 hours by trying to post it....#rebel!   "Blood In The Cut" by K.Flay.