I <3 NY

New York has an energy that is so rare!  When I was a kid everyone had energy…People now are so busy, stressed, and working so much, that everyone is tired!  When I am in New York I feel invincible and that I am capable of doing anything.  There are so many opportunities everywhere and it is so inspiring.  I am having the best time!  It’s also an unrealistic feel of the city; as I am here on vacation and not working.  I can enjoy copious amounts of cocktails, eat like a heifer, go to bed late, sleep in, and spend the day site seeing and giggling with friends… aka No responsibilities.  -That was kind of how I envisioned the city would be when I moved here, “It’ll be like Sex & The City”  …NO gurl, Carrie would have to write her column and be hooking on the side to afford her wardrobe.  Who knows maybe she charged all those guys she slept with, and she was actually just a working city (street) walker.
Regardless, I think it’s vital that I make coming to this the city a seasonal escape.  LA is cute, but I must say these New Yorkers are schooling me!  …making me feel poor, ugly, and dumb…and I love it!  Everyone is so on trend and styled.  I haven’t seen a single pair or sweatpants or Ugg boots and I couldn’t be happier!

Jacket Diesel Black Gold // Sweatshirt Oak NYC // Jeans Levis // Shoes Yeezy Boost