Know your worth, then add tax

Believe me, I spend most mornings waking up…wondering where I am and [if I’m in my own bed] how did I got there.  My morning routine consists of brushing the stale alcohol from my mouth…throw on new socks and underwear and pick up whatever is on the floor and spraying some cologne on that bitch and re-purposing yesterdays look!  Very Ke$ha-esque.  The thought of having to look through my closet and trying to put an outfit together (with a throbbing hangover) is overwhelming…and downright scary!  With that being said, I own it…if I felt great yesterday, the same outfit, with just more cologne: I should feel even better today…right?!  Self-esteem is everything to me.  At my worst, I’m not ashamed of anything.  I know I am a great person with great assets…I almost said ASS-ets…but I told myself to “relax.”  Nothing [to me] is more unattractive than a walking insecurity.  It’s very sad because some of the most beautiful people I have met (inside and out) lack self-confidence and I can’t help but think…”do you not own a mirror?!”  We all have our issues, but owning it is half the battle.  Feeling good on the inside helps a lot…so does apple-cider vinegar.  

Sunglasses Le Specs // Jacket Vintage // Shirt F.O.G. Fear Of God // Jeans Topman // Shoes Converse