Village Bicycle

I think that dating anywhere is pretty difficult, but dating in Los Angeles is virtually impossible.  I get it, everyone has a "type" (whether they say they do, or not).  Blondes, brunettes, tall, short, etc...  In LA, it is a bit more specific.  The "types" are very meticulous... must have brunette hair with sun-kissed natural highlights, attractive but not stunning, a Soul cycle body-type, must love Pressed Juicery's "Green2" juice, have 11 freckles, and being a water sign is absolutely mandatory.  ...Meanwhile, Debbie Desperate over here, I have one criteria.... must have a pulse.  The whole dating thing is a bit awkward.  [Who calls who first?  Overthinking text messages; I just recieved a "Hi" text with no emojis, does that mean friend zone?]  It can all be a bit overwhelming... I am the village bicycle, cause I'd rather steal your bike, than have someone steal my heart.