These People Tryna Test Me

I can't help but think I am on an un-aired episode of MTV's Boiling Point.  You know that show where people go undercover and press people's buttons to the point where they pop-off.  I feel like the world is testing me!  To update everyone, Suki (the cat I got my mom for her birthday) was taken from us.  After my mom took her to the vet to get her routine shots, they informed her that Suki had a chip in her, and that the owner was looking for her.  My whole family fell in love with this precious angel and the vet snatched her from us.  Lets just say my boiling point went off.  Hearing my family is such heartbreak made me start to see red.  I went straight to the source; the white trash woman on Craigslist who sold Suki to us.  She claimed she contacted the Humane Society and that she was in-fact we now know, that story is false and nothing irritates me more than a lair!  ...And now it was my job to make her feel like the low-life piece of shit garbage that she is.  Lets just say that bitch locked her doors last night, and I imagine slept with one eye open.  [Side Note: I once made a grown man cry using only my you can imagine the wrath of my temper.]

Temper and anger issues aside, it all stems from just being really sad!  Truth be told I loved Suki!  It seems my whole life I am always terrified of being truly happy, because I know that the destruction comedown of my euphoria is soon to commence.  Coming off my amazing vacation; my wonderful time in New York, surprising my mom and getting her this kitty, and spending time with family and friends...I haven't been that happy in ages...  Then fast-forward to just a few days later, the sound of my mother so sad washed all the happiness away and simply broke my heart.  This seems to be a common trend in my life; Incredible highs, and devastating lows.  Fuck my luck... and the people testing me.