Alcohol Is Not the Answer

Alcohol is the question, "YES" is the answer.  You know the ol' saying, "Life is rough, wear a helmet" ...  That will get you no where but public humiliation.  I prefer to get rid my problems the old fashion way: by drinking to an induced coma/euphoria.  It inevitably also ends in public humiliation, but you just need to choose your battles.  The only time I encourage drinking and helmets is a Sunday Funday on Superbowl Sunday...then by all means get sloppy and throw on a helmet -you will just look like a super fan...A true WIN/WIN Situation.  -Kinda like these leather joggers, fully functional and feel like sweats... WIN/WIN

Glasses Dior // Sweater All Saints // Pants Zanerobe // Shoes Yeezy Boost 350 // Bag Alexander Wang