Crunch X #NYFW

Fashion week is right around the corner, but you don't need to go to New York (to feel like you are at the Mercedes Bens tents) just go to Crunch on Sunset Blvd.  It is so cringe seeing these 5'4" busted-face-trolls strutting around like they are Naomi Campbell.  I find it fascinating how you can be both bow-legged and pigeon toed...hmmm!  When I first joined, I thought I was joining a gym, not a casting call for The Goonies Sequal.  -And the delusion is in full effect when you see the lust in their eyes when they catch a glimpse of themselves flexing in the mirror.  Like an emjoji with hearts in their eyes 😍  -So sad!  If I was in their shoes I wouldn't leave the house without a paper bag (over my head.)  But what they lack in looks, they more than make up for in confidence.  I don't know whether to applaud or check them in to a half-way house.  At the end of the day, it's Crunch not Equinox, so you all need to relax.  Naturally if I didn't live a block away from Crunch, I would be sweating with the SAG-AFTRA and signed models at Equinox .  🍸Here's to finding a new apartment.

Hat Cara X DKNY // Sunglasses Gentle Monster // Headphones Beats By Dre // Hoodie Diesel // Tank and Shorts Lululemon // Leggings Nike // Yoga Mat Lululemon // Shoes Yeezy Boost 350