Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Minnesota; Home of the 1987 World Series Champion Twins, Mall of America, and Me!  All righteous in our own right, just some more than others... I was 3 years old when the Twins won the World Series, so I feel like the latter 2 are much more upstanding!  

Living in LA, when people find out I am from Minnesota they always ask about Mall of America.  Unlike every other mall in America, with only 1 Gap and only 1 Bath & Body Works... Mall of America has 6 of each!  It's a little excessive when you think about it.  It's like going to a don't need 14 plates of food for a meal, but it's pretty fuckin' cool that you are able to! 

-And Me, While I am freezing on the couch, by the fireplace, watching re-runs of Friends, I am planning my New Year...I don't like to say "Resolution" because I feel like that sounds pedestrian.  But there is something liberating about ending a shitty year, and starting a fresh one!            ...More of that to come next time!