Karma Is Only A Bitch If You Are

Sometimes I wonder if I was Hitler in my previous life, and that is why I have the worst luck in North America.  I can't help but question what I did wrong in life to deserve this awakened nightmare?!  I mean, I am the modern day Mother Theresa, so there is no way this karma is from any ill doing on my part!  ...Thankfully I am not Pinocchio, because the last statement may not be entirely true.  Regardless, 2016 has sucked a bag of dicks for me.  I was beginning to wonder if there wasn't a light at the end of my tunnel.  My sister and brother-in-law came to visit me from Minnesota; and we decided to take a road trip to Joshua Tree.  It was so enlightening, and it was like the cloud of bad days just disappeared in the picture-esque views!  When you spend so much time with that kind of beauty, you can't help but feel inspired...my sister said the landscapes were pretty inspiring too LOL.