Remain Humble, But Let Those Mother Fuckers Know

I am not one of those basic, suit-wearing, beige-loving, narrow-minded people... Those people who stare at me, and give that "cocky laugh" [like they are so cool, and that I'm crazy]... when in-fact, they are the ones wearing the ill fitting jeans, have no necks, and hair that could best be described as being styled by a weed-whacker.  ...But I am logical person, so I understand how I would be an easy target.  I say what I want, wear what I want, and have confidence in doing so.  I have come to realize that jealousy stems from insecurities.  The people I get the most heat from, are the "Before" pictures of Proactiv commercials, and rejects from The Biggest Loser.  So I can imagine when they cross paths with a walking goddess, they deflect from the fact they are heffers, to ridicule me.  It's like their tiny brains can't comprehend anyone different than themselves.  Well listen up trash, my summer body is coming hot this holiday season, so you haters 'gonna be real salty.  -And don't blame your weight gain on the holidays, you were fat in July.

I will leave you with a famous quote from Ariana of Vanderpump Rules, "I'm smarter than you, I am prettier than you, get the fuck over it, and move on with your life."